Stereogram Maker JAVA Applet

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StereogramMakerApplet(HTML) Ver0.20 160kByte 30/May/2003

how to use
Image Select --- Choose from image list except Scribble and Quiz.
Next Image --- Press Space Key.
Previous Image --- Press Back space Key.
Scribble Mode --- Choose 'Scribble' from list.[P] Button is a Pen,[E] Butoon is an Eraser,[A] Button erase all.
Quiz Mode --- Choose 'Quiz' from list.[Next] Button is a next question .(A voice 'Kore wa Nani?' mean 'What is this?'.)
Select Pattern --- Choose from list.
Make Stereogram --- [parallel] Button is for parallel eyes method.[cross] Button is for cross eyes method.
Show orignal image --- [original] Button show original image at upper-left.
Set stereo base --- Use Slide Scroll bar.
Set image depth --- Use Slide Scroll bar.

Please Install latest JAVA2 runtime for the best performance.