Stereo Java Script Sample

Parallel-eyed Cross-eyed Anaglyph Left Image

Usage at full screen viewing
[Esc],[Enter] Close
Right Click,[Space],[Right Arrow] Next Image
Alt+Right Click,[Back Space],[Left Arrow] Previous Image
[X] Swap L/R
[Up Arrow][Down Arrow],Mouse Wheel(IE only) Zoom in/out(Side by side only)
[F] Fit to Screen Size
[J] Show original image size(Side by side only)
[M] Stereo Mode Change
[A] Slide Show ON/OFF
[H] Show/Hide Help and Comment
Shift+Right Click Show context menu

Click thumbnail image for full screen viewing!
Click(L,R,A) for viewing original images(L:Left Image R:Right Image A:Anaglyph)

Interval Sec.
Download source file