Making a batch file for SNS-HDR Lite (Alt+H)

Sample Images

1. Download SNS-HDR Lite and install it.

2. Launch SPM Ver4.52a. Then press Alt+H key.

2. The location of "SNS-HDR.exe" called by 'Brows' button of 'Command' may also be set.

3. Input command line options and destination sub-folder name if you want.

-da Disable alignment
-dd Disable deghosting
-pm Panorama mode
-srgb Convert color profile to sRGB IEC61966-2.1
-o "path" Output file name
-ee "path" Opening HDR image in external editor

Noise reduction in RAW:
-n0 -n1, ..., -n9

Size reduction:
-x1 -x2 -x3 -x4

-default -natural
-dramatic -neutral
-interior -night
-ldr -soft

Output formats:
-jpeg JPEG (default)
-tiff8 TIFF 8-bit format
-tiff16 TIFF 16-bit format

4. Press 'Add Selected Files' or 'Add All Files'.
You get a BAT file as below.

5. Launch a BAT file for batch processing.